Postal Workers Begin Hunger Strike as Cuts and Closures Near

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10 Postal workers Began a four-day hunger strike on Monday in Washington D. C. to protest against the Unites States Postal Service plan to cut thousands of jobs and consolidate plants.

The postal workers, who call themselves Community and Postal Workers United, will be demonstrating at the Capitol through out the week, as well as in front of the Postal Service Headquarters and the offices of The Washington Post, said CNN.

The postal workers participating in the hunger strike are primarily protesting against the healthcare pre-fund mandate which requires the Postal Service to pre-pay retiree healthcare and benefit funds, NPR News reported.

By removing this mandate, the postal workers believe that it would solve many of the financial difficulties the U.S. Postal Service is facing right now. These issues have prompted a plan that will consolidate or close 229 plants and cut 28,000 jobs within the next two years, beginning next week, said CNN.

Tom Dodge, 58, is one of the postal workers participating in the hunger strike. "Rallies and marches just aren't working anymore," Dodge said. "It's time to take a stand on this."

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