The Muslim Brotherhood Rallies Protestors After Egypt Military Claims More Power

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In the last few days military leaders in Egypt have made two decrees that drastically reduce the power of the future president while increasing theirs. The military's actions instigated The Muslim Brotherhood to rally protests on Tuesday.

BBC News reported on the two decrees made by The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF). One eliminated parliament for reasons that dub the lower house "unconstitutional". The second gives military generals entire control over legislative and military actions.

Protests have taken place on Tuesday in Tahir Square as the Brotherhood attempts to oppose the decrees and to "rekindle a revolution" The Los Angeles Times said.

There are rising concerns from egyptian citizens and activist groups alike who doubt the sincerity of the Brotherhood, saying that their religious agenda prohibits the group from fighting for the original desires of the Egyptian people, like democracy, civil rights, and freedom of speech.

A BBC correspondent lends some meager hope with his belief that there may "end up being a messy compromise that everyone can live with."

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