Chinese Pipeline Project Stopped Amid Angry Protests

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A water waste pipe line proposal in an Eastern Chinese city was halted after amounting pressure from local residents who began protesting against the pipeline and the pollution that would follow.

Thousands of residents gathered in a downtown square of Qidong city north of Shanghai where police awaited the demonstrators, CNN said.

Protestors overturned cars, entered and ransacked local government buildings, and even stripped one local official of his shirt, replacing it with a t-shirt marked with an anti-pollution slogan, BBC News said.

The 110-kilometer (70-mile) pipeline was to be for a local paper-making company, and according to demonstrators would eventually release 150,000 tons of sewage into the ocean every dear, CNN said.

In the last few months more protests against pollution have occurred through out China, and according to BBC News the demonstrations are becoming more outspoken, better organized, and more effective.

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