Monday Ruling to Determine if Amy Senser Goes to Jail or gets Probation

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Hennepin County District Court is scheduled to sentence either jail or probation to Amy Senser who is guilty of two felony counts of vehicular homicide.

Senser, the wife of former Viking star Joe Senser, was charged in May for hitting and killing Anousone Phanthavong while he was putting gas in his stalled car on the Riverside Avenue exit ramp on August 23, the Pioneer Press said.

Senser was convicted of fleeing the scene and not notifying the police as soon as possible, the Pioneer Press said.

Senser has defended the incident was an accident and her attorney said she is "deeply remorseful," but the prosecution states that Senser's remorse has not been genuine and she has only given "hollowed excuses," the Star Tribune reported.

If Senser is sentenced to jail on Monday she could get between 41-57 months in prison, the Star Tribune said.

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