River Falls Father Admits to Killing his Three Daughters

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Mother of the three River Falls girls who were murdered on Tuesday, received a phone call from her ex-husband who said to her, "You can come home now, because I killed the kids," according to a criminal complaint that was filed Thursday.

The murder report stated that Aaron Schaffhausen slashed the throats of his daughters Amara,11, and Sophie,8. Cecilia, 5, was strangled as well as having her throat cut by her father, the Star Tribune reported.

The three girls were found in their separate beds with sheets pulled up to their necks, the criminal complaint said.

"I've been prosecuting for 30 years ... and this is, by far, the worst case I've seen," said St. Croix County District Attorney Eric Johnson.

Aaron Schaffhausen was charged with three counts of first-degree intentional homicide by the St. Croix County Circuit Court on Thursday, and will have a preliminary hearing on July 24, the Pioneer Press said.

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