14 Fires Burn Across Oklahoma as Extreme Heat Continues

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At least 14 fires burned across Oklahoma on Saturday, destroying around five dozen infrastructures and forcing people to flee their homes as the temperature outside remained above 100 degrees.

The fires were started in Luther but quickly began appearing in neighboring counties including Creek County in northeastern Oklahoma and Payne County just 35 miles west of Creek County, USA Today reported.

Keli Cain a spokeswoman of Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management said no serious injuries had been reported and that families are being evacuated from the counties near the approaching fires, USA Today said.

Another spokesman for the Oklahoma Department of Management, Jerry Lojka, said that six helicopters were deployed to fight the fires but that they were unable to respond to all the fires, CNN reported.

Firefighters were still exhausted from Friday's fires, but fought to protect people and their homes on Saturday despite the intense heat that sent a few firefighters to a hospital and left many with heat exhaustive symptoms, CNN said.

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