One Dead and Two Hospitalized After a MOA Parking Ramp Support Beam Collapsed

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A 52-year-old man was killed after his rental-truck struck a support beam which collapsed and crushed the vehicle in the West parking lot of the Mall of America on Friday night.

Two passengers in the vehicle were injured and taken to hospitals, but their condition has not yet been released, Minnesota Public Radio said.

The vehicle was driving up the West parking lot's access ramp when it struck the steel-and-concrete support beam above the vehicle, which then fell on top of the cab of the vehicle, crushing the driver inside, the Star Tribune said.

Bloomington Deputy Police Chief Rick Hart said that the incident was most likely an accident. The U-haul truck was too large for the particular ramp and Hart said that the driver may not have noticed the hanging device that would have tapped the vehicle upon entry to let the driver know it was too big, the Star Tribune said.

The driver and passengers were attempting to go to the mall, but according to Hart they simply "Misjudged the height of the van and the access allowed by the ramp," Minnesota Public Radio said.

The mall remained open as crews examined and cleaned the scene, but the west parking garage entrance will stay closed until the structure surrounding the accident has been fully repaired and examined, the Star Tribune said.

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