September 16, 2009

Test t

April 30, 2008

Blog prompts 8 and 9, Two critiques for the price of one!

Let me start by saying that I am not a bad person, I am just an honest person, I expect to get as critical of a review as what I give. I believe it is only through this "tough love" that our work can become the best it can be.

Blog prompt #8:
I must apologize for the ambiguity of my criticisms I have not memorized everyones names in the class and I am only partially sure exactly what everybody presented.
My first group that I will criticize is the first group last monday the 21st on environmental sustainability.
I felt that their idea to make an expanding web of information "packet" was certainly a creative one, however it ultimately produced an inefficient product. Personally I feel that sustainability is a complicated concept that is at this point in time scattered amongst many different sources, lacking one central synthesis. What the "Web" project did was in a way only celebrate that shortcoming producing an all over lacking effect on the target audience (us). I would have liked to see the project reformed to, in a way, make fun of this scattered information by showing how ridicules it is to find information and then providing the same information in a more well designed fashion.
Another problem I had was in the inconsistency and scattered nature of the presentation, I for one think that the decision to make the presentation ungraded was a poor one, the only thing it accomplished was to "free" students from the necessity to actually compile an effective interaction with a group of other human beings. Personally I think this is a far more valuable lessen than our service learning because what we are presenting is our own work, something that we NEED to be good at by the end of our stay here in the department.
I see time and time again bad presentations after bad presentations, now I am certainly not excluding myself from criticism but there is something that no one can deny that I have, and that is enthusiasm!
You need to not just say "here is my work" but you need to say "I have something really special and I would like to share it with you!"

The criticism for next Blog prompt, #9 the first sustainability group of the 28th is just what I said above, the presentations where ineffective, they weighed far to much on a single subject and lesser so on the others making the presentation lopsided and making it seem like one person did a lot more work than the others. Another problem was the lack of organization, they repeated themselves over and over and seemed to only have a limited understanding of the material, they may very well have understood it better but it didn't show.
When it comes down to it, Architects need to be able to present well. Your plans can be the best in the world but no one will want to build them if they are never presented in a fashion that entices the client.
If you can't be excited about your "product" than how do you expect the client to be exited about it?
Two presentations in particular really troubled me, for one all he did was stand there and read off of his report, he never got into it and he never made eye contact with anyone. In fact half of what he said was a long quote, no creativity required.
The second presentation utilized a portion of a documentary to take up a good half of their presentation time, something that should never be done, let us know the real you, the real project.
Now the work of these groups may very well have been good but they didn't present their project they presented their information so the presentation is all I had to go off of.
In the end I think many groups missed the point of the presentations(or perhaps I did, that's for the grades to decide) I think the point of the presentations was to present the project not to present our information, the information has already been shown and we are merely here to reinterpret revitalize and repackage it.

In closing I'm sure that these groups put a lot of effort into there projects and I would like to say that the groups I am sure have great work it just needs to show in how they present it.

Good luck on future projects

Raising the roof... off of the trusses
~The Engineer

April 3, 2008

Blog prompt #7 AKA What am I supposed to write about again?

Ok I am not sure if I know what the Blog prompt was, I kind of rely upon the Blog prompts being on the internet cause I really have a bad memory, and it wasn't this time around.
I will just use this opportunity to put my best foot forward and voice my outlook for the future of this project as well as my many concerns I also have.

1st concern:
The lack of direction.
I for one am fine with this, I have been in the architecture department long enough to know that projects normally have an ambiguous goal that we need to arrive at in any way necessary thus making us more creative and out of the box thinkers.
Well that’s fine and all
Many people have not been in the department for long and are expecting definite goals and copious amounts of hand holding, which they aren't going to get. I for one am exceedingly tired of trying to explain to some of my group mates that they aren't going to get it.
Another thing I am peeved about is the lack of understanding of the term
"Try your best"
It means try your best... period if you try your best and come up with a few novel solutions YOU WILL get a good grade end of story, I seriously doubt that Ozayr is a evil ogre that will fail people who don't have a solution that is up to his creative standards. If you work hard you will be rewarded plain and simple.

Outlook number 1:
I have no doubt that my group will do an amazing job and receive the grade we all deserve, we just need to keep moving in one direction, it seems that every time we move in one direction we get scared and move back to where we came from... STOP IT!!! I don't care where we go as long AS WE GO!.
but this is something that I will have to illustrate to my group and try to precipitate into a common understanding.
In short this out look is we will do fine.

Out look number 2:
We are planning on doing a portfolio/ reference material idea that will culminate in a proposal/design of a sustainable home. Our project will be composed of 5 facets of environmental detriment.

Hazardous Waste
Water Pollution
Air Pollution
Energy Squandering

Outlook number 3:
Our home will attempt to address all of these issues, for instance:
The Home will minimize its :
Hazardous waist output by using less lead(in electrical devices and thermometers) and less mercury(florescent light bulbs) as well as finding alternatives to many hazardous substances used in the home.
Air quality will be ensured by the use of technological methods such as air ionizers as well as natural methods such as high uptake plants like mosses and tropical plant species.
Water purity will utilize technologies like "Britta" or charcoal filters as well as algae and sand purification.
The home will reduce energy squandering by utilizing compact fluorescents(yes I know this contradicts an earlier goal, but that’s one thing we have to figure out). That use allot less power to produce the same amount, and now, the same if not better quality of light. The use of common technologies such as Energy Star Products will also cut back on the homes consumption by an estimated(by me) %50-%75.
And lastly we come to my area of expertise,
now I know you guys wanted to hear a 50 page seminar about the wonders of bio products, but in the need to conserve time and finish this Blog I will keep it short.
Deforestation is a big problem in today’s world and something needs to be done, that is where bioproducts come to the rescue, they allow us to achieve the same result(say a beam with dimensions x*y*z) without using the worlds natural resources in a foolish manner(using young growth composites over old growth solid sawn). It is through the use of these materials that will accomplish the last of the 5 goals.

oh just as a foot note sorry about the lack of videos and pictures in this one I figured the information was more important and I ran out of time, I will add some later though, how does that sound? ^_^

Talk to Y'ins in a trifle... guvna?
~The Engineer

March 12, 2008

blog prompt #6 - AKA - crazy half a$$ed ideas that might actually be surprisingly good

Ok here we go, it is like 11:00 and I have been up since 6:00 this morning and I have to get up at the same time tomorrow so lets work this thing out while I am still conscious.

Our topic of choice was sustainability though technology, something that has been thrown around a lot in the media but what does it actually mean and what is really being developed for use on a wide scale as opposed to just science lab speculation. THAT was the aim we selected for our project and that is what the challenge is when we select a media in which to use, if the medium and the information have none congruence then the whole project could unravel(pretty scary thought huh?).

I and my group have been looking into all sorts of ideas as to how my groups and my project could come to fruition, and I have to say the ideas range from the strange:

(interpretive dance, actually I would really like to see a sustainability interpretive dance I bet it would be interesting to watch ^_^ )

to the very practical and straight forward:

but we seem to be homing in on the idea of a portfolio

Portfolio by ~EMANDesigns on deviantART
, its short word groupings and "to the point" nature look to be a great fit for what we are trying to do. Get peoples attention and teach them something without boring them to death.

But other avenues look appealing as well,
power points:

Sample products
Report (something no one really wants to do)
and many others I can't recollect due to the tiredness of my brain
But after all of that searching we really kept settling on a few ideas, and our project will probably consist of a portfolio style hand out as well as a few sample products that deal with the topic of sustainable technologies.

Keep it real y'al
"The Engineer"

March 6, 2008

The Engineers Quiz #1, can you ace it Ozayr?

Well I am by no means a “genius? of a person I have never clamed to be, BUT I do claim to be interested by absolutely everything, that is why I wanted to make up a semi-weekly quiz to see if your curiosity and understanding of the world is as good as you think it is.
I wanted to prompt you, the reader, with a few questions to see if you have really taken the time to notice the little things in the hope it will peak your curiosity in the world around you.
These are just 5 questions I have produced of the top of my head out of the hodgepodge of information I have stored in my brain.

Make 2 columns on your sheet of paper, mark one with a C(curiosity points) and one with a K (knowledge points)
If you have ever thought about the question give yourself a point in the C column
And if you know the answer (and its right) put a point in the K column

Answer honestly now, here we go! :

“We’ll start things off easy?

Q1: Have you noticed that pouring water on your arm on a dry day cools it more than the same action on a humid day? How come?

Q2: Why is the sky blue?

“Gettin’ harder now?

Q3: Have you ever noticed that a rock when “frozen? in the freezer does not cool a drink the same amount as an ice cube of the same size / weight? Why is this?

Q4: Why is it that sodium (a metal that is EXPLOSIVE when combined with water) and Chlorine (a poisonous gas) when combined make something we can eat every day
(NaCl / salt) without any side effects?

“Hmm getting kind of physiolo-phical (not a real word) on the last one?

Q5: Why do humans have an appendix if it doesn’t do anything?

The answers to these things will be posted next week along with 5 more of my questions for you to ponder.

Tally up your score in each column and give yourself a grade

0/5(Open your eyes you might like it!)
1/5(Your pretty dull aren’t you?)
2/5(stop, smell, flowers, you know the routine)
3/5(not bad, not bad at all)
4/5(curiosity like a child, that’s a good thing)
5/5 (ever thought of changing your major to philosophy?)

0/5(come on some of those where easy!)
1/5(let me guess your report card has a lot of D’s doesn’t it?)
2/5(well I’ll call this average just to be nice)
3/5 (way to go… still have room for more learning though)
4/5 (nice hats off to you my friend)
5/5(Einstein, is, is that you?)

March 5, 2008

Blog prompt #5

This world holds many things, some real some an illusion, to ask the question of what influences me the most would be like asking a grandmother which of her grandchildren she loves the most, every thing influences me to a great degree and to narrow it down would be nothing less than insulting to the ones things that don’t get mentioned on the list.
To say that one thing means more than another or pertains to me more just wouldn’t work for me, I have been a lot of places in this world (most of them within the continent) and I have to say that I am just as amazed by the looming clouds around the summit of Denali

Denali by ~klarno on deviantART
As I am with the condensation falling off of a bottle of Mt. Dew

expiration date by ~deftfreak on deviantART
Because who am I to say what is more influential
A work by Antonio Gaudi

Sacred Family Series: 3 by =aliveruka on deviantART
or one by Mis Van Der Roe

canary wharf 5. by ~DiJoU on deviantART
No I think it is much better to take the stance that I have, in viewing all things as equally important I have freed myself from the constraints of that extra step of analysis.
“Do I need to pay attention to this??
is what passes some peoples minds
but it never crosses mine, I instead use that time to analyze my surroundings even more, to appreciate what to most others is unappreciated.
To view certain things as less important than others in the fashion this blog is suggesting would mean to mentally segregate things, and as we saw with civil rights in America and apartide South Africa, separate is not equal
Even if you happen to find some work that is completely and utterly disgusting

What're YOU Lookin' At? by ~r0llisl1fe on deviantART
we should still look at it with curious child like eyes and learn to improve upon what you view as a mistake. It is these improvements that make not just architecture but the whole world better, it is the people that don’t turn the cheek to what they find disturbing but embrace it and analyze it to the point of exhaustion that makes this profession and many others great.

Stay frosty
~"The Engineer"

February 27, 2008

Freedom / Please show this vid on the power point Ozayr... please?

What would I do if I were released from the constraints of school?
Probably this…

But seriously, I don’t really know what I would do,
I love learning so much that I suppose I would just stay here and learn about everything, It wouldn’t just stop at Architecture or engineering either. I would very much like to study biology and the human body, from the inner workings of the mind through psychology to the speed at which blood travels through the superior vena cava in analytical circulatory analysis. Every thing in this world (and any other, why stop at earth) fascinates me, the only thing that I would leave out would be the grading, I enjoy learning but at my own pace I don’t like to be pressured to digest a certain amount of material in a certain amount of time (of course I understand this is not conducive to the need to graduate in a reasonable amount of time, which is why we have things like exams and deadlines, but that is a constraint we where freed from in the context of the prompt. correct?).
I wouldn’t stop there I would travel the world as to not only hear or read about the things I have learned but experience them as well. Yes I do like the idea of being a renaissance man, a jack-of-all-trades and master of all.
But what to do with all this knowledge…
Well I could always pass it on to the next generation I already do this in Tae-Kwon-Do and I do love to teach. But why would I stop there I would also strike out and start all sorts of projects, buildings, houses, machines, cars, anything. I love projects and just the feeling of accomplishment.

Machine by ~designani on deviantART


Another thing that I think I would love doing is traveling the world spending time mastering every fighting style(not just for a week like those light weights on the discovery channel)

, Jujutsu, Aikido, Tae-Kwon-Do, Karate, Krabmaga, Hopkido, Judo… etc. I would also like to learn of all the local healing styles. All to get a greater understanding of my and others bodies to help and protect the people I hold dear.

But all and all I love to learn and I don’t think that being “released? from the school would be a release for me, I feel that school and learning releases me by allowing my mind to expand and giving me a greater mental playground to wander in(aimlessly or otherwise ^_^ ).

Thanks for listening to my ramblings
“The Engineer?

February 20, 2008

Me, the sights, the sounds, the words

There is really no way to separate my personality from any project I do, If I did it would be boring and ineffective so instead of showing quotes songs and images that influence my project directly I will show songs images and quotes that show who I am and through that maybe people will understand how I view the world and maybe how I understand issues at hand... well here we go ^_^

Very few of these songs speak to me on the level of lyrics(which Is why many of you have never heard any of these songs) for the most part they speak to me through the emotions and experiences they make me remember and they evoke. Each one is followed by a brief explanation as to why I selected it.

Apocalyptica: Path

This song is a representation of how chaotic my life feels sometimes, this song like many of my classes(this one included Ozayr) makes my head spin at times, but all and all it leaves me feeling invigorated and eager for more.

Flow: GO!

When I'm working on a project I am passionate about I feel completely pumped and raring to go, this song exemplifies that ecstatic spirit.

Younha Go: Houki Boshi

One of the few songs where the lyrics speak to me and wouldn't you know it its in Japanese. ^_^
The songs is about her(Younha) wanting to be a comet so she can be every where at once, sometimes(all the time) I wish I had that power aswell.
Also I kind of have a major crush on Younha and think she is one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen (Younha If you are reading this give me a call, I enjoy long walks on the beach and I'm a hopeless romantic) ^_^

The Egg Song:

This song is fun and informative(something I pride myself on and strive for) and before you ask yes I can sing this by heart, it is my best friends and my favorite song to sing together.

Axel Fischer: Der Eskimo Tanz

I'm goofy, this song is goofy, nuff said

I have been blessed by the ability to not only have sight but also the privilege to have been exposed to many things in my youth. these are just a few pictures that influence me.
************(You might need to click the images in order to view them fully)************

Fighter of Evil by ~sirfoxyprincess on deviantART
Makes you look twice doesn't it? Precisely I believe every thing deserves a second look because what you see in your first look might not be the whole story ^_^

Nautilus by ~YoungGod on deviantART
This picture reminds me that no matter what I do or make nothing stacks up to the creations of nature as if crafted with the hands of god himself.

Wind Energy by ~XtraVagAnT on deviantART

An Evening on the Farm by *tfavretto on deviantART

most of my family lives on a farm so I have always been taught to live with the earth rather than against it, that ultimately is what I want to bring to my designs.

Naruto - Dreamers by *Ugly-baka-girl on deviantART
I love this picture because it is so happy, every person in this picture is different but they are all together and having a great time. it shows the importance of bringing all sorts of different people together to produce something great :)
********bonus points if you know what show these guys are from ^_^ *******

Many words have engraved into my memory these are just a few that touch me the most.

Success is often missed because its dressed in overalls and looks like work
~Thomas Edison
(There is no replacement for good old fashioned work sometimes)

No, you don't get it, thats why I'm telling you.
You think you get it, which isn't the same as actually getting it.
Get it?
(most of the time we think we "get it" when in reality we aren't even close, it is important to understand what you don't know in order to get everything out of life)

I thoroughly disapprove of duels. If a man should challenge me, I would take him kindly and forgivingly by the hand and lead him to a quiet place and kill him.
~Mark Twain
(I am a very forgiving and humble person but if you challenge me I will not pull any punches)

Speak softly and carry a big stick
~Teddy Roosevelt
(I like to let my actions speak for themselves and I don't spend too much time worrying about how things are presented because If I believe in what I am doing that will come easily)

Now I see the secret of the making of the best persons. It is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth.
~Walt Whitman
(let your mind wander free with your designs but never lose sight of what is and is not possible)

All and all I am in my heart a daredevil in my ideas but I like to think I always have the know how, or at least the drive to discover how to make my ideas a reality.
as far as the project, my background in sustainability studies(Bio Based products) will of course benefit my group and our project but I think that the differing personalities of my members and I will be our greatest asset.

Thanks for reading my ramblings
~Adam Poetter

February 14, 2008

Design issue #1 aka The woeful shit that has now gone wrong

Why is this labeled #1?
Well that is because there are so many problems with the system! I only glanced through my mind and picked out one out of the hurriedness amount of issues and ridiculous problems that need to be remedied.

Issue #1:
The rapid spread of disease in the university/college atmosphere.
Ok I have to admit I am a bit bias about this topic at the moment because I am at the very moment sick as a dog and that is my excuse for any possible latency of this entry. I hope the excuse is good enough to convince you, cause it has convinced my body for the past few days to not leave my bed.(and If you know me that is a hard thing to convince my body to do).
Any way the issue in my opinion lies with the design of the dorm rooms, veritable tenement buildings where the people inside are CRAMMED so damn close together any disease spreads like wild fire. It wasn't acceptable to the united states back near the turn of the century so why the hell should it be acceptable now!!!
It all goes into the ridicules torrent of human rights that seem to be washing down stream away from students because ti is supposedly a "privilege" to even be accepted.
Oh I'm sorry, I wanted to let the pants on head retardedness of that statement to sink in for a moment
what it all comes down to the University thinks it can place extreme requirements on its students just because this education is essentially necessary to make a decent living now a days.
but I digress, if it was only the dorm rooms that where an issue it wouldn't be one, I understand that in order to support a population of this size you need to have heavily compacted numbers of people in a small area, what gets my goat though is the inability for some professors to yield to the fact that maybe people get sick every now and again, I have had many professors tell me that instead of letting me retake a test they used a "drop method" where one test(the lowest score) is dropped... THATS NOT THE SAME THING! I know the material for THIS ONE! not the next one that will be coming around either way my grade is lowered by this lame display of semi lenience. Also the structure of classes is pretty much no conducive to skipping classes(required skipping or otherwise). I need to be at my classes to get this tailored information from the mouth of my professor and to take exams to get the grades I need, reading the book IS NOT THE SAME! in most cases.

So what does this seemingly endless stream of ranting boil down to, well here it goes I'll condense it:
A: I'm sick and I'm tired... don't mess with me when both conditions have been met.
B: When every one is crammed into a small tenement building disease spreads quickly
C: When students feel they cannot skip classes, they don't
D: both conditions B and C combine to create an environment where once one person gets sick almost all of them do in a matter of a week(Did any one notice anybody coughing on monday, no now how many can you count? how about next week?)
E: A x B x C = Ranting sick junior

anyway thanks for reading... if you did... if you didn't... then you suck
AP aka "The Engineer"

February 6, 2008


Energy, the word used to seem so simple to me just a few short years ago, when I was a child it was just the "stuff" that made me run fast and jump high.
When I entered college I learned of many types of energy. The curriculum of an engineer is studded with the concept of energy (I'm in 3 Thermo dynamics classes right now totaling 12 credits, believe me I'm swamped with it).
I have learned of the ideas put forth by the greatest minds in science. Einstein with E=mc^2 where the complete obliteration of mass can produce an amount of energy on the order of the speed of light squared. I’ve learned of the second law of thermodynamics where the energy of the universe, while it may be conserved, is becoming increasingly randomized and less accessible. Understated in this very simple and seemingly tame law is the promise of the apocalypse, where the universe is doomed to suffer a thermal death meaning the energy of the universe will eventually be turned into heat and dissipated to the far reaches of the space rendering it virtually useless.
It is, in the form of joules that electrical engineers and scientist use as a unit to study the flow of energy throughout circuits and through physical bodies.
In biology the units of calories are used to denote how much energy is consumed and is transferred throughout a living system by way of digestion. Energy then gets transferred into adenosine-tri-phosphate the packaging of energy in the body, it is through then reactions with many minute proteins and organelles in cells that make the body as a whole function the way it should.
I have even learned of mysterious zero point energy the energy that remains in molecules allowing them to exhibit motion even at absolute zero, this energy cannot be transferred of extracted from molecules and merely acts as a buffer for reactions in either direction.

However, the concept of energy is far more out reaching than what has been stated, my life is not just a sea of course classes and Scientific gobbledygook, I have another life that not to many know about and the energy that is used there is what I would like to talk about next.

I am martial arts instructor, and in that setting the concept of energy takes on whole other meaning.
In the study of Tae-Kwon-Do I have learned that there is a very unique energy, to some it is fictitious, that flows through us and between us allowing people to do amazing things that they never thought possible. This Energy is Chi, it is a spiritual and mental force that powers us and guides us. I remind my students almost every day that controlling this energy, this life force, is essential in their success in the martial arts as well as there every day life. The idea of Chi at first seems unsettling to students, a little to much like the force from star wars, but I assure them it is much more real than that, it is the spiritual embodiment of self control self confidence, power, and agility. It is through the focusing of this energy that the human body can overcome its normal physical and mental limitations, such as the breaking of the board or multiple bricks. Now Chi energy to most is a fictitious force that was only constructed to give a physical form to the idea of self-control and self-confidence but the results are the same, and that is what counts, so I see no harm in believing in it either way. In fact I find it much easier to communicate to my students this single unified force rather than teach them about the innumerous focusing of multaple parts of the human body at once in preparation for a technique. Harnessing this force is a very unique experience and everyone has a different way of channeling it. The way I approach it is I take a few deep breaths and tune out the “white noise? that is normally hindering my thoughts, producing a pure concentration on the task at hand, the next step is imagining the task flawlessly running to completion, in most cases it is my hand or my foot slicing through the board like so many hot knifes through butter. Once this is done I focus all my energy into the necessary limb allowing me to move faster and stronger than a technique unaided by these practices. Most of you may be thinking this must take forever rendering it unusable in any real situation, and for some people this may be true, but for a practiced martial artist it only takes fractions of a second to focus the mind and arm him or herself for an impending attack. It is this speed of reaction and calmness of mind that I more than anything try to impress upon my students to allow them to protect themselves, to keep them safe and aware or there surroundings, allowing them to run away before an attack or subdue an attacker if they happen to find themselves in that situation.
I hope that this last section has opened your eyes to the fact that many forms of energy that flow around us and not all of them are measurable and tangible, some of them, like Chi, can only be felt with an open mind and calmness of

If the word energy to you is still eluding your understanding I would take comfort in the following words. The concept of energy is in many was very hard to grasp. I can think of no other word that can have so many emotions associated with it and can provoke so many mental images it is concrete it can be measured, and at the same time it can be an abstract force that ties the universe and all of spirituality together, after all is said and done what really needs to be done on the part of you the reader is to decide what the word energy means to you.

Thank you for reading my ramblings ^_^
~ "The Engineer"

January 24, 2008

Get to know "The Engineer"

Hi well I guess I should use this first entry to introduce myself,
My name is Adam Poetter and I am a, lets see, well I'm a junior on the books but I'm a second year student so I consider myself a Sophomore.
Any way I am a student at the university of minnesota and am currently enrolled in the Bio Based Products/ Bio systems engineering major with a minor in Chemistry, I am working on getting into the school of architecture and making that my second major(getting me one step closer to my final goal which is throwing myself off of the Washington ave. bridge)
But seriously I love Architecture and it is something I always wanted to do, as a young kid I was fascinated by every thing, hell I still am and I would continually search out and discover new and interesting information about my surroundings and subjects that interested me at the time.
The majority of what I loved to learn abut was anything hands on. Anything I was able to build or craft I fell in love with, my father exposed me to all sorts of new tacit experiences through our family line of work which was rental houses, or land lording(is that a word, oh well) I would be instructed to fix and build just about anything in order to make a house run as it should, as I grew so did my skills and I found myself skilled(ok maybe not skilled but "skilled") in many fields not limited to electrical, plumbing, carpentry, carpet laying, toilet repair and so on.

During my first year of college my life changed dramatically, being a commuter student I felt cut off from the rest of my peers and rather isolated, it was a pathetic existence to be sure, no friends and no life.
But from that depressing solitude I found time to develop my skills and interests in a completely sanitary environment, free from any outside influences and distractions(If any of my friends are reading this, no offense but you are kind of distracting sometimes ^_^) I found all sorts of crafts that I delighted in making many of which where replicas of weapons and props from television shows(mostly Anime but there are a few others), it is from this where I cultivated my love of projects and realization, taking the ephemeral ideas of an artist and making them into a long lasting reality.

Architecture allows me the freedom to work in that environment , where I can work with ideas and drag them kicking and screaming into reality.

*I did this in like 2 min I will revise it later to make things flow better ^_^ *