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blog prompt #6 - AKA - crazy half a$$ed ideas that might actually be surprisingly good

Ok here we go, it is like 11:00 and I have been up since 6:00 this morning and I have to get up at the same time tomorrow so lets work this thing out while I am still conscious.

Our topic of choice was sustainability though technology, something that has been thrown around a lot in the media but what does it actually mean and what is really being developed for use on a wide scale as opposed to just science lab speculation. THAT was the aim we selected for our project and that is what the challenge is when we select a media in which to use, if the medium and the information have none congruence then the whole project could unravel(pretty scary thought huh?).

I and my group have been looking into all sorts of ideas as to how my groups and my project could come to fruition, and I have to say the ideas range from the strange:

(interpretive dance, actually I would really like to see a sustainability interpretive dance I bet it would be interesting to watch ^_^ )

to the very practical and straight forward:

but we seem to be homing in on the idea of a portfolio

Portfolio by ~EMANDesigns on deviantART
, its short word groupings and "to the point" nature look to be a great fit for what we are trying to do. Get peoples attention and teach them something without boring them to death.

But other avenues look appealing as well,
power points:

Sample products
Report (something no one really wants to do)
and many others I can't recollect due to the tiredness of my brain
But after all of that searching we really kept settling on a few ideas, and our project will probably consist of a portfolio style hand out as well as a few sample products that deal with the topic of sustainable technologies.

Keep it real y'al
"The Engineer"