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Blog prompts 8 and 9, Two critiques for the price of one!

Let me start by saying that I am not a bad person, I am just an honest person, I expect to get as critical of a review as what I give. I believe it is only through this "tough love" that our work can become the best it can be.

Blog prompt #8:
I must apologize for the ambiguity of my criticisms I have not memorized everyones names in the class and I am only partially sure exactly what everybody presented.
My first group that I will criticize is the first group last monday the 21st on environmental sustainability.
I felt that their idea to make an expanding web of information "packet" was certainly a creative one, however it ultimately produced an inefficient product. Personally I feel that sustainability is a complicated concept that is at this point in time scattered amongst many different sources, lacking one central synthesis. What the "Web" project did was in a way only celebrate that shortcoming producing an all over lacking effect on the target audience (us). I would have liked to see the project reformed to, in a way, make fun of this scattered information by showing how ridicules it is to find information and then providing the same information in a more well designed fashion.
Another problem I had was in the inconsistency and scattered nature of the presentation, I for one think that the decision to make the presentation ungraded was a poor one, the only thing it accomplished was to "free" students from the necessity to actually compile an effective interaction with a group of other human beings. Personally I think this is a far more valuable lessen than our service learning because what we are presenting is our own work, something that we NEED to be good at by the end of our stay here in the department.
I see time and time again bad presentations after bad presentations, now I am certainly not excluding myself from criticism but there is something that no one can deny that I have, and that is enthusiasm!
You need to not just say "here is my work" but you need to say "I have something really special and I would like to share it with you!"

The criticism for next Blog prompt, #9 the first sustainability group of the 28th is just what I said above, the presentations where ineffective, they weighed far to much on a single subject and lesser so on the others making the presentation lopsided and making it seem like one person did a lot more work than the others. Another problem was the lack of organization, they repeated themselves over and over and seemed to only have a limited understanding of the material, they may very well have understood it better but it didn't show.
When it comes down to it, Architects need to be able to present well. Your plans can be the best in the world but no one will want to build them if they are never presented in a fashion that entices the client.
If you can't be excited about your "product" than how do you expect the client to be exited about it?
Two presentations in particular really troubled me, for one all he did was stand there and read off of his report, he never got into it and he never made eye contact with anyone. In fact half of what he said was a long quote, no creativity required.
The second presentation utilized a portion of a documentary to take up a good half of their presentation time, something that should never be done, let us know the real you, the real project.
Now the work of these groups may very well have been good but they didn't present their project they presented their information so the presentation is all I had to go off of.
In the end I think many groups missed the point of the presentations(or perhaps I did, that's for the grades to decide) I think the point of the presentations was to present the project not to present our information, the information has already been shown and we are merely here to reinterpret revitalize and repackage it.

In closing I'm sure that these groups put a lot of effort into there projects and I would like to say that the groups I am sure have great work it just needs to show in how they present it.

Good luck on future projects

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~The Engineer