March 6, 2008

The Engineers Quiz #1, can you ace it Ozayr?

Well I am by no means a “genius? of a person I have never clamed to be, BUT I do claim to be interested by absolutely everything, that is why I wanted to make up a semi-weekly quiz to see if your curiosity and understanding of the world is as good as you think it is.
I wanted to prompt you, the reader, with a few questions to see if you have really taken the time to notice the little things in the hope it will peak your curiosity in the world around you.
These are just 5 questions I have produced of the top of my head out of the hodgepodge of information I have stored in my brain.

Make 2 columns on your sheet of paper, mark one with a C(curiosity points) and one with a K (knowledge points)
If you have ever thought about the question give yourself a point in the C column
And if you know the answer (and its right) put a point in the K column

Answer honestly now, here we go! :

“We’ll start things off easy?

Q1: Have you noticed that pouring water on your arm on a dry day cools it more than the same action on a humid day? How come?

Q2: Why is the sky blue?

“Gettin’ harder now?

Q3: Have you ever noticed that a rock when “frozen? in the freezer does not cool a drink the same amount as an ice cube of the same size / weight? Why is this?

Q4: Why is it that sodium (a metal that is EXPLOSIVE when combined with water) and Chlorine (a poisonous gas) when combined make something we can eat every day
(NaCl / salt) without any side effects?

“Hmm getting kind of physiolo-phical (not a real word) on the last one?

Q5: Why do humans have an appendix if it doesn’t do anything?

The answers to these things will be posted next week along with 5 more of my questions for you to ponder.

Tally up your score in each column and give yourself a grade

0/5(Open your eyes you might like it!)
1/5(Your pretty dull aren’t you?)
2/5(stop, smell, flowers, you know the routine)
3/5(not bad, not bad at all)
4/5(curiosity like a child, that’s a good thing)
5/5 (ever thought of changing your major to philosophy?)

0/5(come on some of those where easy!)
1/5(let me guess your report card has a lot of D’s doesn’t it?)
2/5(well I’ll call this average just to be nice)
3/5 (way to go… still have room for more learning though)
4/5 (nice hats off to you my friend)
5/5(Einstein, is, is that you?)