Headings, Illustrations and Link Names


Comment on your web site of choice for the final project and on the use of headings, illustrations, and link names in your web site of choice. Refer to Redish where relevant.

The Spectrum Home Services website, though suffering from a lack of effective web writing, achieves at least an average level of heading, illustration and link usage.


The site's headings accurately label their respective categories, but do not use effective fonts to capture the reader's attention. They are also inconsistent ranging from graphic tabs to small font text. The headings should be consistent and should clearly mark each category with a linkable graphic, preferably an illustration for each. Set in a suitable order, the headings would help achieve Redish' "conversation."

The included illustrations are colorful and bold. There is a rotating, illustration on the top of the page euphamistically describing the company's services. The user is immediately drawn to these spaces. However, the site falls short of effectively using consistent illustrations on the remainder of the page. Each category of service (heading) could use an illustration to effectively describe that portion.

The site does have some links for a variety of information, but not for each service category. Each heading could be linked, with an illustration, to a landing page with in-depth information on each category.


Hi Tony,

Great--each of these areas are potential revisions!

Sounds like you have some good directions for revisions here. Regarding headings, you might change the styles of the various headings; you might add some meaningful illustrations, and you might make sure to add links for each service category.

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