Assignment 1

Multigrain Ginger Cookie


All-purpose flour - 1 cup
100% wheat flour - ¼ cup
Ragi flour - ¼ cup
Barley - 4 tea spoons
Oats - 4 tea spoons
Sugar - 1 cup
Cracked Almonds - 10 pieces or more
Dry Ginger crushed - 4 tea spoons
Butter - 4 Oz
Egg - 1
Baking Powder - ½ tea spoon
Cinnamon oil flavor


The raw ingredients are shown below:
Raw Ingredients.jpg
The dry ginger was crushed and the almonds were cracked in a blender. Firstly, the Butter was mixed with the egg, sugar, the cinnamon oil and then blended to perfection. All other ingredients were then mixed and kept separately as we refer to as multigrain flour mixture as shown below:
Flour Mix.JPG
The flour mixture is added 2 tea spoons at a time as the butter mix was blended with a hand mixer until all the contents are blended to a nice consistency. The flour is then rolled out between parchment sheets and the desired shape for the cookie can now be made using a suitable shaper, in this case the shape is chosen to be circular for simplicity as shown below.
Blended and Rolled Mix.JPG
The excess flour was removed and any shape adjustment and decoration for the cookie can be made as shown in below:
Raw Cookie.JPG
The samples were now baked in the oven at 350°F for about 20 minutes and the cookies are ready to relish as shown below:

Multigrain Ginger Cookie.JPG


Cookies in general are considered a time pass snack which often ends up also being an unhealthy choice. The major focus of innovation for this new product is to provide an option for a healthy choice and hence this multigrain ginger cookie focus less on the size, shape and looks. The multigrain with the combination of dry ginger and almonds offer to be the best combination for a healthy choice cookie. The cinnamon flavor then makes one want this cookie for many reasons.

The cookie making experience:

When this assignment was announced for making a new cookie, I had gazillions of thoughts plummeting through my mind. Coming from India there is no scarcity for trying new food products on various combinations of ingredients yet make it attractive and healthy.

But to be more realistic, I wanted to focus less on the look, size and shape of the cookie rather try out new ingredients that hasn't been tried out for cookie. Immediately I was flooded with ideas to use multiple grain varieties for the flour mix. Although, all-purpose flour is the common base, I wanted to try Ragi flour (a kind of millet which is a very healthy choice against all purpose flour). By adding oats, barley and wheat I intend to add better nutritional value to the cookie. Secondly, I wanted to try out another ingredient which is also less common for cookies which is dry ginger. The benefits of ginger need not be reiterated. My hypothesis was that this new combination of flour mix and ginger base will give a healthy yet tasty cookies as a great alternative for conventional time pass cookies.

This product line " Multigrain Ginger Cookie " can be safely claimed as an incremental product with new ingredients since the procedure to make follows conventional cookie baking process.

Having decided to use multiple ingredients the challenge to come up with a near optimal ratio was a big challenge. Also, I did not want to totally compromise on the all purpose flour since I had no idea how the cookie will taste with mere Ragi flour. So, I consider the finalized ratio of ingredients for this Multigrain Ginger cookie as a Work In Progress towards an optimal ratio with strong inclinations to reduce the all purpose flour and increase the ragi flour. I came up with this ratio not by random but based on my intuition of how much of each material I need in my cookie which by no means is the optimal ratio for better taste with the same materials.

On the other hand mixing them and baking was a very straightforward process. Once ready, I wanted to get a feel of how these cookies tasted like, which by appearance I have to admit that it is not attractive to a sense of any novelty. But I gave some samples to my family members and my neighbor. All of them felt that it was a new combination for a cookie and they did feel a slight dose of ginger and the cinnamon flavor made it alluring.

On the whole I feel that this cookie is novel, feasible with great value and I am sure people who try it will help me prove my hypothesis!



I liked how you decided to focus your attention on the healthiness of the cookie. However, the healthiest ingredients don't always translate to the most delicious, so I am glad that you paid a lot of attention to flavor as well. It was very interesting to see you incorporate various types of flour and grains that are not typically found in cookie recipes.

My one concern, as you mentioned, is that the cookies are not very attractive. First impressions are important. People may see the cookie and not try it because of the way it looks, even if it tastes great. So, if you were to ever create these cookies again, I would spend a little more time on presentation. The cookies do not need to look over-the-top, they just need to look intriguing enough that people will want to try them.


The layout of your blog was easy to follow, allowing your process to show though well. that being said there were a few pictures that were a bit blurry and that does detract from your work. A healthy cookie is a great idea for those who love treats but need to be more conscious of what they consume. I dressing up the cookies a bit could help in their perception, perhaps a little frosting would help in masking the "healthy" taste, although it would appear that your attention to the ingredients would make them quite appealing. I wish I could have sampled them in the madness that was the cookie party today.

The layout of your blog was great! I liked how you explained your process of making the final cookie first and then discussing your process. Some pictures were blurry so I'd make sure they are clear next time. The focus of your experiments really speak to today's problems of obesity and health problems. I'm glad you decided to tackle a real world problem by creating a healthy cookie.

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