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Well, what I learned from all the 4 past assignments was that warming up before starting these assignments and getting an extra warm up dose when feeling stuck really helped me through these process. In those lines, I wanted to fresh myself up and hence watched a comedy show for an hour in my regional language Tamil. I really got into a jolly mood and was upbeat for this assignment.

PART - 1

Section - a Applying SCAMPER

Firstly, I chose a conventional Pedometer as shown below as my archetypical existing product that helps monitor and promote physical activity (such as walking) in a way to motivate increased physical activity during winter in relation to my second problem statement.

Archetypical Product - Ped Calorie Counter.jpg

I then applied the SCAMPER prompt questions and generated new ideas for this archetypical product.


For this prompt following were some ideas that I generated:

Nutrimeter, solar powered, measure whole body motion than just steps for calorie counts;

The following sketch portrays the best idea that could be realized into the product - NUTRIMETER which can input the calories that one consumed and tracks it with how much one burns based on his/her physical activity.



For this prompt following were some ideas that I generated:

Display Heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure. System to input food consumed and display calorie input and set goal for that day to remain healthy; GPS;

The following sketch portrays the best idea that could be realized into the product - VIVAMETER which can also display one's heart rate, respiration rate and blood pressure while being physically active. (VIVA = LIFE)



For this prompt following were some ideas that I generated:

Apps for smartphones that monitor calories, suggestions for nutritious and healthy food choices on the go, watch and bands that does similar function.

The following sketch portrays the best idea that could be realized into the product - NUTRICHOICE an application within this device that allows one to make healthy food choices based on his/her metabolism and how much calories have been burnt prior to his/her next food intake time. The best way to control weight is to eat only after prior food intake has been metabolized. One needs a good 3-4 hours gap in between food intakes and this device helps one to keep on track.



For this prompt following were some ideas that I generated:

Measure stress levels (stress meter) based on brain activity; blood glucose meter; body temperature; Display ECG and Respiration Signal (arrhythmias and respiratory disorder monitoring)

The following sketch portrays the best idea that could be realized into the product - VITALMETER which also displays ones Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Respiration Signal that also has the potential to diagnose arrhythmias and respiratory disorders.


Put to Other Use:

For this prompt following were some ideas that I generated:

Blood glucose meter; Display ECG and Respiration Signal (arrhythmias and respiratory disorder monitoring); Medication tracker; cycling tracker;

The following sketch portrays the best idea that could be realized into the product - GLUCOVITA which also measures and displays ones blood glucose level.



For this prompt following were some ideas that I generated:

No separate energy source - Solar powered; Energy transducer from the motion.

The following sketch portrays the best idea that could be realized into the product - U-POWER pedometer which functions from energy generated from ones' walking motion.

U Power.jpg


For this prompt following were some ideas that I generated:

Most pedometers don't have all the displays at once and have to change mode hence rearrange the display to show them all at once for easy access of information.

The following sketch portrays the above idea that could be realized into the product - OneStop Health Monitor that displays all vital information at once for quick access. Detailed version can be viewed by choosing specific ones.


Discussion: Applying SCAMPER for this pedometer was both difficult and easy. Especially the Reverse/Rearrange was the most challenging. However i feel that this has generated new concepts that can be added to this product to become the ultimate choice to guide ones physical activity not just in winter but also round the year!

Section - b Applying Table Based Tool

For this part of the assignment I decided to use the HIT matrix on the pedometer attributes against a sleepwear as shown below:


I had to pause for a while as I got stuck as to which product I should do this HIT matrix against pedometer. I decided to go with sleepwear after trying few different objects such as office chair, ice scraper, carry bag, utensils etc. I came up with 3 ideas that could be realized into actual products as below:


This powered winter suit keeps one warm and adjusts itself to ones body composure to keep him/her warm throughout the desired period.



This Life SHirt keeps track of ones heart rate, respiration rate and blood pressure on the go and keeps oneself informed about his/her vitals. The added feature also has the capacity to monitor the calories intake and calories burnt to help guide physical activity during winter and other times.



This powered boots can help people from slippery falls from smooth surfaces during winter by exploiting spike activated shoe base to provide more grip and also sprays salt once smooth surface is sensed to prevent from slipping.


Discussion: This section was little challenging in coming up with a product that can be crossed with pedometer to come up with useful ideas. But it was very interesting as I do realize that these tools can bring new avenues for product design and research that never would have been thought of!

PART - 2 HIGHLY RATED IDEAS for Product Realization

I reviewed all the different silly ideas that came up with the previous assignments and manipulated them so that they can indeed be realized into actual products:


These skii sticks becomes handy that it can be converted to a ice fishing rod on the go and easy to store.

Convertible Skii Sticks.jpg


This scarf not only protects you from cold but also keeps track of your vital signs to keep you intact!

Vital Scarf.jpg


These boots have motion sensors and transducer that generates power to exploit the spikes and spray salt when slippery and icy surface is sensed.



This liquid helps protect ones vehicle and any material from trapping snow as it repels it.

Ice Repeller.jpg


This App helps one to make healthy food choices based on his/her metabolism, previous food intakes, eating habits etc and provides advice and suggestion to what to consume to be on a healthy track with a fixed goal.

NutriProfile App.jpg


This powered shovel helps to keep oneself warm while using electrical power to shovel the snow with ease.

Power Shovel.jpg


Are you worried about eating more junk food while stressed especially during winter? Try this new stress meter that helps evaluate your stress and helps you make healthy choice during particular levels of your stress and keep away from junk food.


(8) Ultimate Weather Watch:

This watch not only tells your time but also current weather and has interwoven heating elements that adjusted the heat to keep yourself warm during winter.

Ultimate Weather Watch.jpg


The game changer is here! Burn calories while you make money in office. This gentle calorie burning office chair not only offers the comfort of any conventional office hair but makes you really WORK out with the soft pedals, vital signs monitoring and cool air at your disposal when feeling hot!

Workout Office Chair.jpg


How about you having a calorie watch that gets your input on how much calories you consumed and it gives you a feedback on much you are burning?

Calorie Watch.jpg


This assignment was really fun as I learned new approaches for idea generation for new products and was able to apply few techniques towards the winter diet theme. I should admit that few prompt questions in the SCAMPER were difficult to realize and also coming up with a product for crossing with pedometer for HIT matrix was challenging.

I am pretty sure that now I am with a different mindset for coming up with new ideas for product design prior to doing these assignments. way to go!


Way to go on the ideation! The blog is well organized as well as creative. I really appreciate the time you took to do your sketches, the cloors in each one make the entire blog more interesting, and the sketches extra fun to look at! You also had some good ideas, my favorite was the vital scarf! I can see it being actually pretty practical. I also like how you added the conclusion at the end, it is always fun to hear about what everyone learned while doing the assignment and what they would have done differently.
One thing I would suggest would be to add some drawings into your HIT matrix. They helped the rest of the blog a lot, and would add some unity to the of as a whole of they were included here too!

First off, your blog looks great! You are very good at being thorough and explaining all of your drawings and your process. Your drawings are very colorful which makes your blog easier to follow and a lot nicer to look at! I thought it was interesting that you picked the object that you did. Even though you said that it pertained to one of your problem statements, I think it would have been helpful if you would have included the actual statement so we could read and understand ourselves.
One thing that I thought could be improved is that in your ten ideas, I think you could have stated which ones were the top ideas from your brainstorming more clearly, if that makes sense. I couldn't tell which ones were from the previous assignment and which ones were from past ideas. Overall, you were very organized and came up with a lot great ideas!

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