Humor in Design

Part 1:

I love Tom and Jerry cartoon and I relished an hour watching various episodes. I also watched some comedy shows from my regional language and got into an ultimate playful and joyous mood and was totally ready for the mind map.

Part 2:

I wrote down various themes for WINTER in my design notebook and came up with 12 categories such as Transportation, fun, comfort, food, clothing, shopping, holidays, sports, health, animals. outing and weather. The resulting mind map that I tried to bridge together these various themes is shown below.

Mind Map WINTER.jpg

Part 3:

For the next part of my assignment I came up with these 10 fun products by merging various themes such as food, transportation, sports, clothing etc. The sub-themes from the mind map that drew my attention were skiing, hot drinks (lattae, coffee, tea),snow shoveling, ice fishing, skating, etc.

1: Antifreeze Lattae

I hope you buy these in huge gallons and stock them up in your vehicle as it is multipurpose! Go STARBUCKS!

Antifreeze lattae.jpg

2: Electro boots:

Generate electricity with these boots as you walk. No more searching for charging your batteries!

Electro Boots.jpg

3: Vital Scarf

Get to know your heart rate (HR), respiration rate (RR) and body temperature with this vital scarf or jacket on the move! Your portable health comfort!

Vital Scarf.jpg

4: One Stop Igloo Mall:

Tired of driving around snow to various places in winter, just shovel for 30 min per week (volunteer for snow removal around the mall) and get exclusive membership to this one stop Igloo mall!

Igloo Mall.jpg

5: WWT - Belt

Are you tired of bad weather predictions? Did they say it is going to be sunny but it snows often? No worries, have this Winter Waist Tire(chain) - Belt. Get the tires ready for the snow haul!

WWt Belt.jpg


Oh yes! Don't you worry about who hit you first! Here I am - your dynamic snow man watching you! Free yourself from wrong and false insurance claims and 24 hours protection and guidance from this GPS snow man!


7: Ultimate Weather Watch

Want to get real time weather updates, auto control of your surface body temperature in winter? Here is your solar powered watch with interwoven heat strings that can keep you rock and rolling in winter!

Ultimate Weather Watch.jpg

8:Convertible skii sticks

No more hassle to have your ice fishing rod. This convertible skii sticks does it for you!

Convertible Skii Sticks.jpg

9: Hybrid Snow Engine

Yes believe it! Get your mileage with more snow you collect!

Hybrid Snow Engine.jpg

10: EEG Monkey Cap

Don't you wish your thoughts shovel the snow for you?

EEG Monkey Cap.jpg


This assignment was very fun and also at the same time somewhat challenging. While I do not claim that these fun products are realistic I do believe that few of them do have potential to be useful products within our lifetime. I sat several hours stuck without getting ideas for these products, in those moments I did not hesitate to get extra dose of comedy to lighten my brain up and it really helped.


I really like how you specify every steps that you went through to do this assignment. For your mind map, I must admit that it is a little bit messy, even though that you have used colors to specify things. You should also added more picture to illustrate the mind map so that you can keep track of different things coming up randomly. However, I believe that being messy in drawing mind map is a part of discovery. As for you products idea, they are really silly, which is good. I really like how colorful they are as well as how you explain your ideas as if you are trying to make commercial for them. It was really fun reading your blog. Good post and keep it up.
One more thing, you might want to design your blog in a way that it matches your humorous writing style.

I was really entertained by your silly products and how you presented them! Even though I have to agree that your mind map was a little hard for me to understand at a glance, I believe that you got to all those different branches organically and that you explored the space quite thoroughly. It might be helpful in the future to use a finer point marker or pen for the writing on your drawings to make it easier to read. I think it was great that when you were feeling stuck you went back to doing fun activities. I think it helped you come up with some really creative and funny ideas!

Nice products. Some are quite ridiculous, but the vital scarf would be really cool in some form or another, that's for sure. Make it really easy to track all of your vitals right there.

Two comments on color/annotations.
1. The mind map with a mix of colored over pen and pen annotations are difficult to read. Not impossible, but maybe change it up for next time.

2. Annotations and words included on a picture should be as clear as possible so the reader can understand what the object is supposed to do.

Not trying to be harsh, just stating that the product would be more easily understood with neater annotations.

The funny attitude makes your blog post easy and fun to read. Keep it up.

Your Mind map is nice and colorful, but it would have been nice if you wouldn't have had lines running through the words of the sub-themes. Also are the colors used intentionally to show something or are they just to look pretty? You have a nice blog writing that engages readers, but I believe this could be pushed more, possibly with more creative labels for the different parts. Overall you have organize your information nicely.

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