Assignment 6


Preliminary Idea Evaluation

My top 10 ideas after a preliminary amazon check were:

(P1) Convertible ski sticks
(P2) Vital Scarf
(P3) Electro Boots
(P4) Ice Repeller
(P5) Nutri Profile App
(P6) Power Shovel
(P7) Stress Meter
(P8) Ultimate Weather Watch
(P9) Workout Office Chair
(P10) Calorie Watch


For this part of the assignment I conducted a survey by distributing them through email and also handing them a printed version to few random people around Mayo Clinic Campus. The survey can be found here Survey.docx. I included the images of each product idea to give them a better grasp of the product concept and simple 3 questions of "Would you buy it", "How much you will pay", and " Rate this product idea" did the job!

18 people answered my survey when I decided to analyze the data and the following plot shows the results for the average price people are willing to pay for each of these products if they were available:


The average idea rating from the 18 people who completed the survey rounded to the closest 0.25 step value can be seen below:

Idea Rating.JPG

The % of people who said yes to buying this product is the most important feedback to get for a new product design and launch. The following graph plots the % YES and Idea rating from the previous graph to give a notion for the top 5 best product ideas that have potential for market launch if realized into a product.

Yes Rating.JPG

Based on the above analysis and keeping in mind the bias from survey research (honest answers) the top 5 ideas (1: Top; 5 - Bottom) are as below:

1: Ultimate Weather Watch
2: Stress Meter
3: Vital Scarf
4: Ice Repeller
5: Workout Office Chair

It was very interesting to note that the Ultimate Weather Watch was the sole winner getting a 100% YES and also a high idea rating of 2.


A: Benchmarking

For this part of the assignment I decided to take a new approach by finding the most pertinent benchmark product available in the market and contrasting their features and price with the proposed idea that can be realized into the product. Coming up with a 2x2 and clustering was rather challenging, and I am confidant that the concept of benchmarking will be well addressed with this approach.

(1) Ultimate Weather Watch:

While it is a good news that currently no similar product exists for this idea, selecting a benchmark product for weather watch body suit was quite challenging. The closest product is the heated blanket system which is mostly indoor application and needs to be plugged into a power outlet. The visualization of this idea into a product is compared with the blanket for its features and price as shown below:

Heated Blanket.jpg

(2) Stress Meter:

A benchmark product that is available in the market is the stress thermometer. It is purely based on sensing body temperature and indicates stress levels which costs $21.95. The new idea of stress meter will incorporate a more robust algorithm for detecting stress levels based on ECG, respiration, blood pressure and temperature and indicates the level of stress such as low, medium or high. The visualization of this idea into a product is compared with the stress thermometer for its features and price as shown below:

Stress Thermometer.jpg

(3) Vital Scarf:

A benchmark product for this idea is the "available on demand" product called the FIT ECG shirt by the company called clearbridgevitalsigns, Singapore. The product can exist only with other other Cardio Leaf devices by the company such as for display, analysis etc. The price of this device is undisclosed but an estimate implies around $300. The vital scarf or jacket that is proposed with not only feature ECG, but also respiration (without the belt), temperature and will help the user be on track with these vitals during winter as well with a scarf or a jacket. The visualization of this idea into a product is compared with the FIT ECG shirt for its features and price as shown below:

Life FIT Shirt.jpg

(4) Ice Repeller:

A benchmark product for this idea is the DuPont ice and snow repellent. This product cannot be applied to windshield and vehicles exterior based on the chemical compositions. The proposed idea for ice repeller on windshield is a silicone based non-toxic chemical that can be applied to windshield and vehicle exterior without any remnants. The visualization of this idea into a product is compared with the DuPont Ice/snow repellent for its features and price as shown below:

Ice Repellent.jpg

(5) Office Workout Chair:

A benchmark product for this idea is the "Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Fit Chair with ball and pump" that costs $64.99. This unit doesn't help in burning calories as there is no exercise training equipped, and also no vital sign monitoring, rather provides a stress revving comfortable seating. The visualization of this idea into a product is compared with the "Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Fit Chair with ball and pump" for its features and price as shown below:

Office Workout Chair.jpg

B: Patent Search

I used the google patent search tool to perform an extended search in relation to the 5 top product ideas. Mostly I used the exact names in the search and analyzed them for top 5 related patents for each product and pinned down 1 most related patent for each of them.

(1) Ultimate Weather Watch:

Related Patent:




This invention relates to an heated clothing with autonomous heating source with thermally insulated suit adapted to cover the human body, portable low-temperature heat generation module, infrared window for energy delivery, heat energy distribution system to supply heat to different parts of the body, temperature control system, including the temperature sensors, responsible for maintaining proper temperatures at different parts of the body and moisture adsorbing pads to remove excessive moisture originating from sweating.

(2) Stress Meter:

Related Patent:




This invention provides techniques for wellness self-monitoring where fluctuations in one or more biometrics such as body temperature, heart rate, etc. are computed iteratively and the incorporated algorithms aid in effective wellness management by measuring stress levels.

(3) Vital Scarf:

Related Patent:




This invention portrays a method of monitoring the physiological functioning and condition of a person using sensors in a garment body Wearing by the person to continuously monitor the physiological functioning and conditions With a display for two-Way inquiry or real-time treatment.

(4) Ice Repeller:

Related Patent:

COMPOSITIONS FOR USE THEREIN - US 20060036053A1; Gallagher et al. Feb. 16, 2006



This invention is a method of preventing frost and facilitating removal of Winter precipitation relative to a windshield, comprising applying to a Windshield a Winter precipitation barrier composition.

(5) Workout Office Chair:

Related Patent:

OFFICE AND DESK EXERCISE CHAIR SYSTEM - US 20080203776A1; Mongelluzzo et al. Aug. 28, 2008



This invention related to isotonic exercise system incorporated into an ergonomic desk or task chair for providing exercise training and stress relief for a user with optimal convenience.


(1) Ultimate Weather Watch:

This was the highly rated product idea with 100% of them willing to buy it if it was available. In a realistic sense, with the available technologies these days it is quite practical to realize this into a usable product. Once challenge would be to identify a safe heating element that can be interwoven throughout the dress with integrated sensors and matching algorithms to set the temperature to the users desired value depending upon the external ambient temperature that is senses in real time. The people who completed the survey gave an average price tag of around $60.

Rough Manufacturing cost:

For the entire body suit a rough calculation using the prices for heat elements, energy source, fabric, sensors, software, and labor it would cost around $300 which is a five-fold higher price than what people are willing to pay for.

(2) Stress Meter:

This idea is also high feasible to realize into a realistic product and amazon also shows a similar product (stress thermometer). People are willing to pay around $27 for this product to help them with their stresses. Literature cites several reasons behind stress at the molecular levels and by accounting only basic biometrics such as body temperature, heart rate etc. we might not truly represent stress conditions.

Rough Manufacturing cost:

With the sensors, display, mounting plastic, labor etc. it would cost well under $50 to manufacture this product including the ECG electrode sensors.

(3) Vital Scarf:

I don't see any significant challenges in realizing this product with the availability of cheap sensors and display suitable for clothing. People were willing to pay around $15 for the vital scarf.

Rough Manufacturing cost:

With the sensors, display, fabric, labor etc. it would cost around $40 to manufacture this product which is more than twice the amount people are willing to pay.

(4) Ice Repeller:

The significant challenge with this idea is coming up with the chemical that can be transparent and repel frost in the windshield. Patent search yielded a similar product idea with a specific compound but there is no idea onto how much it would cost to make this liquid and fix the selling price for people can afford to pay. People were willing to pay around $35 a gallon.

Rough Manufacturing cost:

Without the idea of the actual chemicals it was quite difficult to do a manufacturing cost estimate for this product. But by looking at the patent listed in the above section, in reference to the chemicals used it would cost around $50 per gallon to make this magic liquid.

(5) Workout Office Chair:

This is also a very realistic idea as it simply has to incorporate sensors for physiological monitoring and the exercise unit into the chair. People were willing to pay around $200 for this product.

Rough Manufacturing cost:

With an average office chair costing around $200 adding the sensor system and workout unit does add to the price. The raw cost to make this unit with the steel, plastics, labor, sensors, cushion etc. will cost around $250.

Discussion & Inferences:

This assignment was rather a complete one that augmented all the tools and technique that was learned in class for transforming a product idea into a marketable and feasible product that has novelty. The survey research was extremely fun in drafting the questionnaire, collecting and analyzing the data and drawing inferences on the price and idea rating to choose the top 5 ideas to proceed. Adding pictures was extremely helpful with the survey outcome.

Bench marking although not straightforward I was able to identify state of the art products without much difficulty to contrast the price and features of my idea product by juxtaposing them. This was a valuable experience learned moving forward. Patent searching although cumbersome it was extremely fun and it helped to reconfirm that the product idea is still novel.

Analyzing the challenges for each idea was straightforward, but estimation of the manufacturing cost was somewhat difficult to incorporate current technologies and materials into the equation.

Overall, although a tiresome and lengthy assignment it was a more thorough and fun filled activity bridging the gap between academic learning of product design to help transform into an industrial product that can help desired users!


Some parts of your assignment were really well done. I really thought your graphs were interesting and informative. The way you chose which product you would do was well thought out. However, I couldn't understand the graph because you didn't provide a key to what each color meant. This rendered the graphs sort of useless to the reader since we were completely unable to understand what each color meant.

Also, you could have done more detail in bench marking. For instance, your wearable watch product could compare to the power outfit of other wearable heat systems. I have seen things such as socks, vests, pants, etc. All of them are battery powered and have limited lifetimes. Also, what is the power output of a solar power per square inch? You could have also compared it to wearable solar power technology,(if that exists). Also, situations such as night or cloudy days need to be addressed in powering the suit. That being said, I think it's a really interesting idea. However, it doesn't seem feasible from my limited knowledge.

While you are clearly aware of the technological challenges of each product, you don't address how you would solve them or improve on existing tech.
I would have liked to see more competing products and also a breakdown of your estimate for cost. How much each sensor is worth, etc.

However, I like a lot of your ideas. I like the idea of the ice repellent. I also like the exercise chair, though perhaps you could consider doing one without the monitoring. One inexpensive version and another for those interested in monitoring. I think that would improve the marketability to many demographics. If you could pull it off, the heat suit would be fantastic.

You did a great job setting up your survey to get unbiased answers, and clearly displayed your results in-depth with several visuals.

You took an interesting approach with finding the most prominent competitor product for each of your top 5 ideas. This gives you good information to help adapt your ideas to make them more marketable, or more unique. However, you do lack the understanding of the overall market and where there may be need for new products.

Overall, your blog could benefit from a little bit more hierarchy in the text, such as using bold and italicized fonts and different sizes.

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