Assignment 7


Concept Selection and Idea Pitches

Pretty excited with this assignment in narrowing down to the one final product idea.
The top five ideas were:

(1) Ultimate Weather Watch
(2) Stress Meter
(3) Vital Scarf
(4) Ice Repeller
(5) Office Workout Chair

Shown below is the Pugh chart i created with 7 criteria I wanted to evaluate and select the product against.

Pugh Chart.jpg

Looking at the chart it was quite easy to eliminate the first idea which is the ice repeller. Although it is a great product idea, it needs a chemist to design and create a magic liquid which will repel ice on windshield and other parts of the car, which is far away from my reach.

Next elimination was the vital scarf, although it seems like a nice idea I am not into technology designs for apparels.

Honestly the ultimate weather watch and workout office chair were my equal favorites but the stress meter compliments all parts of the criteria that i evaluated and as an electrical/biomedical engineer I strongly feel that the Stress Meter is a pertinent match and that I can contribute towards transforming this idea into a marketable and usable product to help people with their stresses.

Hence, the Stress Meter is my top best product idea that I want to pursue further. The following figure shows the final sketch of the Stress Meter, which can display Heart, respiration signal and body temperature based on which the level of stress is displayed as low, medium or high.


Elevator Pitch:

The video can be found here:


This assignment was straightforward in designing the Pugh Chart to narrow down to the top idea for product realization. I should admit that designing the pitch video was rather challenging to encompass all required entities and yet be informative.


Hi Shivsam,
Here are a few comments I have on the pitch.

First of all you need to cut it down just a little bit to fit the 30-60 second time frame. I think this is quite important.

Try not to say et cetera twice in the pitch.

In terms of what to cut down, I would look into cutting down or rephrasing the first half of the pitch. 31 seconds stating the need is a bit much for a 30-60 second pitch.

I'm not familiar with stress monitors, but some concerns I might have, especially if it's supposed to give me real time guidance, is how bulky it is? How do I wear it? etc.

Also, personally I feel that "StressMeter" is perhaps a little too direct for a product name, but if you're happy with it, I won't complain :)


I think you did well, with the post and the pitch. It is a little long, but you mentioned above than you will edit some. Pugh Chart is colorful, but a bit difficult to read. Illustrations would also be a plus. Nice graphic for your stress meter interface - just a tad grey.

Good luck in front of the Muskellunge at the Walleye Tank.


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