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A Record Number of Suicides for a U.S. Military Academy

After four suicides in the last year, the United States Military Academy at West Point in New York is going through a 30-day suicide prevention program with an Army-wide training session and an interactive video, the New York Times reports.
The video features a suicidal soldier and depicts the choices he confronts as he spirals downward, with one set of choices leading to improved mental health, and the other to tragedy.
"We're doing everything we can to study these cases, understand why they happened, and see what we can do to move ahead," said Academy Chaplin Col. John Cook.
After the 30-day training there will be a two-month program in which leaders will communicate with every cadet and staff member about suicide prevention.
This all came about after the recent, unrelated suicides of two cadets, as well as two suicide attempts within the last month the Star Tribune reported. Those followed two suicides by staff members last summer.