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Afghanistan's Presidential Election Delayed

Afghanistan's election commission said the country’s election will be held on August 20th as reported in the Wall Street Journal. It will be then that voters may decide whether or not to keep the country’s current president Hamid Karzai.
According to the country’s constitution the election is supposed to take place in the spring, but due to the country’s security situation they are postponing it until August when additional international forces will be present and the security situation will be more stable.
President Karzai, who was elected to serve a five-year term, will effectively serve a few months more, which is possible due to a clause in the constitution about lack of security for a peaceful vote.
The New York Times reports Afghan officials need to more to prepare for the election, and it is a matter of not being capable of distributing ballots in time for a spring election. This raises doubts about how legitimate the current presidents final months in office will be.
United Nations Representatives reported in the New York Times have said the organization is allowing the delay because there simply isn’t enough time to get everything into place by the spring.
“At this point, it has become a pragmatic necessity,? said Adrian Edwards, a United Nations spokesman in Kabul as reported by the Times.