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Analysis Entry on Stop and Follows

The Star Tribune reported two men were found guilty in a mortgage fraud. The first story’s lead was:
Two metro-area men have been found guilty of racketeering and multiple counts of theft in Hennepin County District Court for their role in one of the state's largest mortgage fraud cases, worth approximately $100 million.
In this story the main news is the crime and the lead here is meant to explain it. In the second story the lead was very different, it read:
In a hearing marked by delays and discord, a Chaska man who was president of a home-building company received a seven-year prison sentence Friday for his part in a mortgage fraud scheme in the southwestern suburbs.
This news was all about the sentence, because the crime had already been introduced. The lead this time was about the sentence, the man sentenced, and the hearing. The first story tells all about the crime, and the conviction of the men who committed it. The second story is all about the hearing and the court proceedings. The interesting twist is that the first story is about two men who committed this great mortgage fraud, but the second story really emphasizes that a Chaska man committed a crime. There are no retorts to any competing news sources in either story.