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Fake Parking Ticket Scam By U.S. Hackers

U.S. hackers are now using real world situations to trick victims into downloading malicious viruses on their computers as reported by BBC news online.
Vehicles in Grand Forks, North Dakota were the targets of this scheme with fake parking tickets that prompted vehicle owners to a website where they could “view pictures with information about their parking preferences.�
The website then directed the user to download a toolbar to view photos of their vehicle, which was actually a virus. When computers were rebooted a security alert appeared prompting the user to download fake anti-virus software.
“Attackers continue to come up with creative ways of tricking potential victims into installing malicious software,� anti-virus analyst, Lenny Zelster said. He also warned that this would not be the last time this would happen.
According to CNET News, McAfee's Avert Lab’s Blog identified the Trojan as Vundo, and urges users not to access it.