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House Moves Across the Ice in White Bear Lake

A 60-ton house was transported across a 100-yard stretch of ice on White Bear Lake reported the Star Tribune.
The two-story house was moved from Manitou Island on dollies with 64 tires to Matoska Park on the other side of the lake leaving no more than a few cracks in the ice behind.
Onlookers gathered shortly after 10 a.m. on Wednesday to watch the house make its journey across the ice which took only 25 minutes.
The move was well under way by late Thursday afternoon according to the Pioneer Press. The house was already uprooted, rigged onto two giant girders, and hauled to the shore by a truck at only about 2 mph.
The home was built during the late 1800’s as a residence for Manitou Island’s caretakers and was remodeled in 1990 according to the Pioneer Press, but the Star Tribune reports it was remodeled in 1991.
The current owner, Doug Kreamer of Kreamer Construction, told the Star Tribune he bought the house because of its history and wanted to save it.
Preparations for the move included removing the screened in porch from the house, and reinforcing the ice by pumping water over the surface.
From the Park, the house will be relocated a couple blocks to a neighborhood lot on Sixth Street where it will wait until spring when a proper hole can be dug for a basement and foundation.