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House Passes Obama's $819 Economic Stimulus Plan

Wednesday, President Obama’s purposed $819 billion stimulus bill was passed in the House of Representatives by a majority democratic win as reported by the Star Tribune.
The bill was primarily for increased spending and tax cuts nation wide to prevent the loss of thousands more jobs. While it wont create many jobs, the bill will create programs and projects, which will help to create jobs down the line.
Prior to this event, the New York Times reported the bill was actually an $825 billion stimulus package, which would test Obama’s commitment to bipartisanship.
The vote was close, but the Democrats took the lead, and the Republicans were unanimously against the bill, which is on its way to be debated over in the Senate.
"This recovery plan will save or create more than three million new jobs over the next few years," the president said in a written statement released shortly after the House meeting, as reported in the Star Tribune.
Republicans disagreed with the amount of tax cuts, saying there was too few, and way too much spending for our government. They wonder where the money is going to be coming from to fund such a legislation.