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Ice Flow Breaks From Lake Erie Killing 1 Man

Fisherman in Oak harbor, Ohio were trapped on a miles-wide sheet of ice that broke free from the Ohio shoreline of Lake Erie, leaving one man dead, and 134 to be rescued according to the New York Times.
The fishermen were alerted to the situation via cell phone calls from the mainland. Some immediately went east in search of an ice bridge back to shore.
About an hour later, rescue helicopter arrived on scene and dropped buckets to lift the fishermen to safety.
While the New York Times could not identify the single fatality, the Star Tribune reported that Leslie Love, 65, of New Albany, Ohio died of a heart attack when his snowmobile fell through the ice as he was searching for a safe passage to shore according to the Ottawa County Sherif’s Office.
One other man fell through the ice while driving his ATV across a small crack, but rescuers pulled him from the fridged waters and he survived with minor injuries.
According to the Tribune, the men will be fined, if they ever need to be rescued in the same situation again, for being out on the ice in those unsafe conditions.