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Indian Government Distributes Mobile Phones to Fight Rebels

The government in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand has distributed more than 200 mobile phones to village headmen in hopes that they will be a mode for gaining fast tip-offs about Maoist Rebel movements according to BBC online news.
The Maoist rebels who regularly attack police and government offices control large parts of the Indian state Jharkhand.
The cell-phones were distributed for village headman to contact police under an emergency, or if the rebels come too close to their village.
"The government is distributing mobile phones to village headmen in the areas where the Maoists are most active," Sudhir Kumar, police chief of the worst-affected district East Singbhum, said.
Kumer said the initial response has been good and that the cell phone have proven helpful for village headmen to relay ‚Äúvery useful‚Ä? information.
The New York Times reported that the Indian government considers the violence of the Maoist rebels to be the biggest threat to the country’s security since their independence.