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Stand-Up Desks in Elementary Schools

Elementary schools in the St. Croix area and across the river in Wisconsin are trying a new model of stand-up desks that allow for children to choose weather or not they want to stand or sit according to the New York Times.
Abby Brown’s sixth grade class at Marine Elementary School is being monitored and studied as they try out these new desks.
The adjustable-height desks were developed by Mrs. Brown herself, along with the help of a local ergonomic furniture company. The desks, which are at about chest-height, also have swinging footrests, and adjustable stools.
Children in her class enjoy the freedom to choose whether or not they want to sit. It gives them the ability to focus on their schoolwork instead of focusing on sitting still.
The Pioneer Press covered the same story featuring a fifth grade class in a Wisconsin Elementary School, which had the same positive response to the standing-desks.