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UN Official Abducted in Pakistan

An American employee of the United Nations was kidnapped in Pakistan and threatened by death within 72 hours the Star Tribune Reported.
Gunmen seized John Soleki in Quetta, near the Afgan border, on Feb. 2 and released a 20 second video on Friday of the blindfolded Soleki saying he was “sick and in trouble.?
The kidnappers identified themselves as part of the Baluchistan Liberation United Front, a previously unknown organization, which meant they were not Islamist militants.
The Star Tribune reported only that, but the New York Times reported that there was a letter along with the video, which was delivered to a Pakistani news agency, that said the hostage would be killed unless authorities released 141 women who were being held in Pakistan within the next 72 hours. The Times also identified Soleki as the head of the United Nations refugee agency in Quetta.