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Media Analysis on Numbers

The New York Times published an article on Egypt’s Peace Treaty. The article used numbers when referring to the year and years past, including the number of years in between certain relevant events. The second way in which the article referred to numbers was when talking about money. When the cost of something came up it was reported in decimals points of the billions. Instead of writing out $1,400,000,000.00, the reporter crunched it and wrote $1.4 billion. The last way numbers were used was in reference to age. These numbers could have been more overwhelming if the reporter hadn’t crunched the dollar amount, and spoke of the time by using “30 years ago” instead of simply stating the dates, which would have made the reader have to do the math. The numbers in the story were not all sourced. The dates in the story I am assuming were pretty much known fact, as well as ages of the people. The numbers were calculated by the reporter according to what it said in the treaty. In that way the reporter did math to make things easier for the reader to understand.