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Red Cross hostage Freed By Al Quida

The New York Times reported that the Red Cross worker who was kidnapped along with 2 college by an Islamic extremist group in the Philippines was freed and is now in the custody of the Philippine Government. Mary Jean Lacaba, 37, of the Philippines, was kidnapped 11 weeks ago along with 2 of her colleges, Andreas Notter from Switzerland and Eugino Vagni from Italy. The Times reports that it is unclear whether she was captured by the military or released by the Islamic group linked to al-quida, however the Star Tribune reported that the Islamic group that kidnapped her were the ones to release her. The three were kidnapped while visiting a water sanitation project in Sulu, an island providence in the southern Philippines. Lacaba is urging the military to take care of their offense in Sulu for she worries about the safety of the other two hostages.