August 13, 2008


I am very excited, this will become a place were I just run my mouth ( umnn yeah im actually typing) but ramble on and share my thoughts for the day. So far so good. I am very excited for the new semester to begin, this summer was horrible!!! It was way to long, I am very happy that it is almost over. I registered for classes yesterday. I am going to take a Physics course yikes!!!!!!!!!!! I am sleepy therefore, will retreat under my cuddly blanket and call it a day. Yeah its only 7 pm. I got this new job where I am supposed to start at 4am M-F that totally sucks. Actually the job does not suck the people do. I work with a whole bunch of old folks that have nothing better to do than just complain about every darn thing. In addition to the ridiculous hours I am being trained by this A hole redneck guy who is the most annoying and repulsive person I have meet within the last 2 months. I cant stand the job, but the money is great. I am actually making 1000 dollars every 2 weeks, which isn't bad..........after all its just a job not a career on anything. When I say job I mean like its just one of those crazy jobs we all work until we graduate.
By the way this is not an English class therefore I refuse to worry about grammar being used. I think my biggest problem are probably commas, but who cares.

The only thing that keeps me saine ( forgot how to spell that seeeeeeeeeeeeee I hate summer lol ) at my job are 2 gorgeous guys that work there. One of them is just BEAUTIFUL and we are so close but im confused he really confuses me everyone things we are dating but we are not. He constantly calls me but we are not dating?! Oh I hate men. Then there is this other guy who is so sweet and charming he is actually the perfect man one would prefer to take home to their parents . In addition he is intending on applying to the pharmacy school, so far he appears to be very intelligent and thoughtful.
Both are actually BEAUTIFUL. OHHH I don't feel like writing anymore Im going to bed.