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Howard Lavine

Associate Professor and Arleen C. Carlson Chair in Political Science Ph.D., 1994, Department of Psychology, University of Minnesota

Professor Lavine returns to the University of Minnesota from State University of New York at Stony Brook where he was associate professor of political science and psychology.

Professor Lavine has published on a variety of topics in political psychology with his principal focus on the political behavior of the American electorate and particularly the functioning of political attitudes and political reasoning/judgment. Among the most important insights in the psychology of decision making is that preference judgments are reached through a diverse and flexible set of cognitive strategies. In his recent work he proposes a general psychological framework of political choice, one that considers how decision strategies are contingent on variation in political engagement and attitude strength, key aspects of the political environment and most important, on the nature of voters' goals as they seek to learn about and appraise political candidates, issues, and events.

He has a much-anticipated coauthored book, The Ambivalent Partisan: How Critical Loyalty Promotes Democracy forthcoming with Oxford University Press. has several manuscripts in progress, including a second book, Metaphor
and Political Persuasion