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Dr. Linda Zerilli

The Minnesota Political Theory Colloquium will be hosting Dr. Linda Zerilli of the University of Chicago on Friday, April 13th. She will deliver a lecture from 1:30-3pm in 1314 Social Science titled, "Toward a Democratic Theory of Judgement ." This talk will ask the question, "what would it mean to foreground the capacity to judge critically and reflectively as a central feature of modern democratic citizenship?" This question, raised poignantly albeit not systematically in the work of Hannah Arendt, is of crucial importance for political and feminist theory today. In this talk, Dr. Zerilli will argue that Arendt's turn to Kant's third Critique was a brilliant attempt to rethink how we might expand our understanding of what can so much as count as an object of judgement precisely as a response to this plurality of standards and to shifting multicultural understandings of what can be called political.