June 13, 2005

your food ID

1. I'd have to say that my favorite food is pizza because it's conveniant and tasty. I also like the fact that you don't have to use silverware to eat it *besides deep dish*. My least favorite food would probably be shrimp, though i'm not sure why that is. I can eat lobster and crab, but something about shrimp that i just really don't like. I think it's mainly the texture that i dislike though the smell is also pretty bad.

2. I think my favorite place to eat on a free Friday night would be at my parent's restaurant. I like it because it's good it's what I've grown up eating. Also I guess another factor would be that it's free, but also that I enjoy dropping by to see my parents.

3. On Thanksgiving, my family and I don't have a normal Thanksgiving dinner with turkey. Instead we have Mongolian hot pot. It consists of a large sizzling pot in which you put in vegtables, tofu, noodles, and various kinds of meat (chicken, beef, lamb, shrimp). We then take out whatever piece of food we want to eat out of the pot and dip it in this peanut butter type sauce.

4. Of the top of my head, I think the most unusual thing I've eaten is shark's fin soup. It wasn't like a chunk of shark's fin in a bowl or anything, in fact if no one told me I wouldn't have known it was shark's fin. It was more like shavings of a shark's fin in the soup.

5. I basically don't cook at all so i'd have to say I'm probably the worst cook out there. I guess I just haven't really needed to cook in my life so that's why I never really cook. The things that I have "cooked" are ramen and pizza, which isn't saying much.

6. A typical weeknight dinner, I eat whatever my grandmother has cooked for me, and I usually eat in front of the TV. My grandmother makes my dinner for me before everyone else because my parents come home from work pretty late and she eats with them.

7. At home, my grandmother does all the cooking. She actually raised me since my parents have to work all day during the week at their restaurant. Even though my dad is a chef, he's at work during the weekdays so I grew up with my grandmother's cooking.

8. Most of the food from home comes from your usual local supermarket (Cub foods, Rainbow), however we occasionally get stuff at some Asian markets such as United Noodle or other smaller markets. We do have a garden in our backyard, so we also do get some of our vegetables from our backyard.

Posted by poon0022 at June 13, 2005 12:21 PM