June 29, 2005

Computer Programming is Evil

Well, I've decided to swtich from livejournal to this online blog, because this server has more cool features. I can change the font styles and the appearence, etc. So anyway, I'm just about to leave from work, after a day of accomplishing nothing. The Lord knows I've tried to get work done, but computer programming is insanely difficult, albeit rewarding at times. At least two of the programs I've written thus far function properly. I read news article today about the unfortunate incidents and fiery controversy over the 'homosexual recovery' camp in Memphis (of course, heavily influenced by Christianity. No, entirely). I'll never understand why parents would send their children to such awful places. According to the christian doctorine, we're all sinners anyway. Why would parents be mortified to hear that their child is a sinner, when in fact, they are sinners as well. Another concept I'll never understand, the horrific surprise that parents express upon hearing that there child is gay. As a gay man, I don't see it possible how the parents couldn't already know (or at least, suspect) such a trait about their child. Yet, it seems to surprise many parents, when in fact, it should just confirm their pre-conceived notions. If they are truly surprised, then the parents don't really know their children that well. I'm thinking of writing in this boy's blog, comforting and reminding him that things will be alright. Anyway, I'm really tired for not getting anything done...? I'm going to go work out.

P.S.- I have to figure out how to spell check and make paragraphs on this thing

Posted by popk0012 at 4:21 PM