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"Battling tainted water"

Original article found on September 16, 2007 in the Star Tribune Written by David Shaffer.

It has recently been discovered that much of the water in Washington County is contaminated with harmful chemicals. The total area for this contamination is almost 2 and1/2 times the size of Minneapolis. These chemicals have been seeping into groundwater for well over two decades and though much has been done to stop this, the water has now gotten to a point where dangerous amounts of chemicals are in the water. All most all residents of Washington County are having to get whole house filtration systems for their water. Otherwise, they cannot drink it or cook with it.

Fortunetaly, there have been no illnesses or that have come about because of this water situation, but further studies will have to be done to find out whether or not it causes cancer. Unfortunetaly, it is a difficult situation to fix. When water is contaminated, it is hard to separate the good water from the bad. So, the cleanup of this problem may take years and years.

The original cause of the chemicals is thought to be from industries that left polutants behind. Some of the specific chemicals in the water are the chemicals that are used to coat film on photographs and other chemicals used on 3M products.