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"Bridge Disaster Fund top $564,000"

Original article appeared on in the Star Tribune and was written by Pam Louwagie.

Citizens and other organizations around the Twin Cities have been extremely generous in the last month. Many charitable foundations have been taking in donations for the bridge disaster victims. Now, a month after the event, these funds will start to be distributed among the survivors. The money will mostly be used for all of the little unexpected expenses that have become a burden for people in the aftermath of the collapse. Along with the burden of transportation for some of the people who lost cars, there is the additional medical expenses, and the counseling expenses for those suffering from trauma after the disaster.

The money was collected from 1000 different charitable organizations and individuals who simple wanted to help. Also, corporations like Cub and Target donated food. People who were involved in the disaster say that these donations are a huge help and also it is just great knowing that someone is there who wants to help.