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"I-35W Bridge Collapse: The Aftershocks"

Original article was found in the Star Tribune on September 23, 2007. Original story written by Pam Louwagie.

It has been almost two months since the I-35W bridge collapse on August 1. But for many people involved in the collapse the disaster lives on.

It has been a common issue for people who survived the collapse to feel great anxiety or to relive it in their heads again and again. People like Amy Lindholm still have back troubles, but aside from that, she has trouble sleeping at night because she feels like her bed will fall out from underneath her. She also has a fear of many other structures around her falling down.

Kimberly Brown and others refuse to park on ramps or other concrete structures that she feals might fall down. Brent Olson has discovered how much the little things in life mean to him, but e is having random memory loss symptoms which he supposes are related to drama from the bridge.

In order to try and get closure on some of these issues, many bridge survivors are meeting with one another on a weekly basis. Having a chance to share their struggles with the people who can relate has greatly aided in the healing process.