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"Jurors: Officer was too rough"

Original article found on September 14, 2007 in the Star Tribune. Written by Pat Pheifer.

Way back on April 2, 2005, a man named Al Hixon was wrongfully arrested by a police officer. Now, more than two years later, the jury has finally ruled in Hixon's favor and awarded him a sum of $778,000.

Officer Mario Hernandez was in hot pursuit of a man who had just robbed a U.S. Bank. The man was supposedly making his gettaway in a van that had parked at a Sinclair station. Hixon had taken his car to the gas station that day in order to have the oil changed. The getaway van ended up parking right next to Hixon's car. Therefore, when the police arrived, they ended up arresting the wrong man.

It is unclear what specifically took place, but according to Hixon, the police officer first handcuffed him and then sprayed him with pepper spray. The pepper spray caused him to vomit, and it caused him to "cough up mucous and blood".

The incident has caused Hixon much stress. Since the event, he has begun to suffer from "nightmares, chronic post-traumatic stress disorder and depression". The money he has recieved will help him get his life back.