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"No time to lose for Lake Superior fish"

Original story located in the Star Tribune and written by Par Ridder and Susan Albright.

Invasive species continue to be a problem for the regions and waterways into which they travel. Recently, the Great Lakes have become infected with a virus known as the viral hemorrhagic septicemia. This virus kills very valuable fish such as "walleyes, bass, and muskies". Fortunetaly, Lake Superior has not yet been known to have this deadly virus. However, if something is not done quickly to prevent the virus from spreading here, our fish will suffer the same fate as those of Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario.

There are many preventive methods currently being explored. The number one prevention is creating a law that states that ships are no longer allowed to dump untreated balast water into Lake Superior harbors and ports. It is typically on ships that infected waters travel.

"A new invasive species is discovered in the Great Lakes about every seven months." With each new species, protecting the old species becomes more difficult.