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"Airport noise: Who gets help, when"

Original article appeared on startribune.com on Sunday, October 21, 2007. Written by Steve Brandt.

A plan was released last week saying that the Metropolitan Airport Commission will be insulating hundreds of homes against airplane noise. Now, a week later, the task is looking much harder to do.

It is going to take time in order for the MAC to be able to insulate all of the homes that need the extra sound barrier. They will not even be starting this year, but rather are waiting until next. The 432 homes that have the highest sound problems will be finished by 2009, but thousands of others that have problems won't be touched until close to 2014.

People whose homes are qualified for the sound protection will be notified by MAC much closer to the time when the insulation would be put in.

The work that is going to be done on these homes "includes new or repaired windows or doors, attic or wall insulation, noise baffling, and in some cases, air conditioning."

The money for these repairs is coming directly from the business of the airport such as the parking fees or the stores inside of the airport.