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"Man crushed to death by small-gauge rail car"

Original article was found on startribune.com on Sunday, October 14, 2007. Written by David Shaffer.

A man was killed on Saturday when he attempted to prevent a railroad caboose car from tiping over.
William Paget was at a private property in Northfield Minn. riding around on a small train. However, during the ride, the caboose began to tip, so he jumped out and tried to prevent it from falling all the way over. Unfortunetely, the car was just too heavy for him and instead fell right on top of him. The 68 year old man died on the scene.

He had been volunteering at this railroad demonstration as the brakeman. There were three adults and five children on the caboose at 2:30 when the it fell over.

The train was going at a speed slower than the average walking speed and it has not yet been stated as to what may have caused the train to fall.