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"Miley mania makes moms hoppin' mad"

Original article was found on startribune.com on October 13, 2007. It was written by Graydon Royce and Jon Bream.

Miley Cyrus is putting on a tour that is one of the most popular this year. However, it has become impossible to find tickets to the show. The second that they were able to be sold all of the tickets disappeared. Now, all of those tickets are being sold on the internet for 5X their original value.

Many tickets were supposed to sell for around $30. But now, some of the cheapest seats to find are a minimum of $75.

Tickets for the concert are in such high demand for the Twin Cities that the only higher demand tickets were for the 1991 World Series. The primary audience for Miley Cyrus, also known as Hannah Montana, are teenage girls.

Because the tickets for this concert were sold out at an alarming rate, investigations have been set up by several state attorney generals. It has been uncovered just how many tickets are ever available to the public to buy. For the most part, 40% of tickets are given to places like radio stations before anyone is allowed to buy them.

Many moms are responding to the high priced tickets by refusing to watch "Hannah Montana" or to buy her cd's. They are angry at Cyrus for putting the burden on them to buy these expensive tickets.