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"Online nanny ad ends in slaying"

Original article found on Startribune.com and was last updated on October 28, 2007. Written by Chris Havens and James Walsh.

Katherine Ann Olson was found dead inside her car truck Friday night after answering for a nanny job on Craigslist. She was supposed to have gone to Savage, Minnesota for a nanny job early Thursday morning.
The 19-year-old man who made the ad on craigslist is currently the number one suspect and is being held in custody at this time.

Katherine Ann Olson often answered job listings on craigslist because she generally expected good from people. She had been a nanny twice before this insident, and had even taken a job in Turkey.

She was a St. Olaf graduate who majored in theater and Hispanic studies.

It is unclear what exactly took place the day she was murdered. Her body wasn't found until she had been gone for a day and a half.

Her purse was first discovered in a garbage can by a resident of Savage who then told police. The police called her home to inform her that her purse had been found, but then a roommate told police that she had not been home since Thursday morning.

The police looked in the garbage can again and found a "significantly bloody towel". They continued to search the area but didn't find anything.

Her car was finally discovered by a helicopter in a Burnsville parking lot. Police then found her body inside.