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"That's Show Bees"

Original article appeared in the Star Tribune on Wednesday, October, 3, 2007. Written by Colin Covert.

On Tuesday, Oct. 2, Jerry Seinfeld visited Minnesota in order to promote his new "Bee Movie" which will come out on November,2. He is visiting 10 cities as part of his promotional tour and the Minneapolis area was a must stop for him. He has always had incredible and enjoyable experiences when working in Minnesota. He even said that when it comes time to do his last performance, Minnesota is the place that he would like to be.

He specifically visited Edina's Southdale 16 theater. He signed several autographs and then watched a 45 minute preview of the film for the local media's benefit.

Seinfeld has been promoting this new movie of his for months now. He has guest stared on TV shows and worn giant bee costumes for film festivals. This 10 city promotional visit is to get the word out even more. Seinfeld says that he is really excited about the film.