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"A dangerous rite of passage"

Original article found in the Star Tribune.

There seems to be a trend across the state of Minnesota of immense partying once a person turns 21 years old. Whenever a person turns 21, it is normal and expected for them to go out drinking on their birthday. They face a lot of pier pressure from friends to go to a bar and drink as much as they can. It is often hard to say no to that much pressure.

Many adults don't even think about the fact that alcohol is a dangerous substance which can kill you if you drink too much. One girl, Amanda Jax, had a huge party on her 21st birthday. She ended up with alcohol poisoning and died.

In fact, it is on one's 21st birthday that they are the most at risk for harm. The rest of the days of that year, they will most likely be fine, but on that day, the chances of them causing harm to themself are raised drastically.

What typically happens on a 21st birthday is a bunch of friends get together and go to a bar where they can drink as much as possible. A male turning 21 will consume on average thirteen alcoholic beverages. A female will drink roughly 7 and a half.

The goal is to get them as drunk as possible.