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"Edina residents see red over murky water"

Original article located in the Star Tribune.

The city of Edina has been having some problems with not very clear water for some time now. It started out with a yellow tint. Then the water started to leave rust spots on laundry and smelling bad. Finally, in Lynn avenue area, the water coming out the pipes is reddish brown with bits of things floating in it.

The problem with the water pipes has most likely come out of this really hot summer combined with old metal pipes. The hot summer caused the metal pipes to rust and corrode more than they usually would.

1.4 million dollars has been set aside by the city in order to fix the problem. Unfortunetely, they will not be working on the pipes until at least next spring. Then, it will take them 3 years to finish.

The plan is start by getting rid of the rust from inside the pipes and them lining them with something new such as cement or plastic. This will hopefully keep the pipes clean in the future.

For now, the water contains a lot of iron but is still considered safe to drink. Plus, Edina neighborhoods are working on flushing out some of the rust and improving the water. When it gets even colder the problem should temporarily go away.