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"Flooded Katrina cars showing up worldwide"

Original article located in the Star Tribune.

A couple years after the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe in New Orleans, it is being discovered that many cars that were flooded and seemingly destroyed, have been sold to foreign countries.

These cars often have mold lines which show how deep they sat in water. But some people, in countries like Bolivia, jumped at the chance to get a car for cheap.

Over 10,000 cars damaged by Katrina are suspected to now be located in Bolivia. Bolivia has pretty relaxed import rules, so it was an easy place for these cars to go.

They were mostly bought over the internet through sites that were originally supposed to turn the cars into scrap metal. One car, a mini cooper, owned by Colleen Mcgaw, was sold to a very large United States salvage company. But somehow, it was sold to a person in Bolivia for $7000.

Thankfully, Mcgaw had received a check from her insurance for $18,500 for the car. The check came because of the immense water damage that the car had received.