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"Judge rejects effort to stop I-35W bridge work"

Original article appeared in the Star Tribune and thePioneer Press

The I-35W bridge will begin being rebuilt today, which is Thursday, Nov. 1. There were some concerns on whether or not the bridge would be able to begin construction this month due to a lawsuit again the Minnesota Department of Transportation. The lawsuit was from two Minnesota taxpayers saying that it was unlawful of Minnesota to choose a contracting company that cost so much more than the others and that will take so much longer to build. However, a judge ruled that this lawsuit was not enough to keep the bridge from begining reconstruction.

Judge Cleary ruled against halting bridge construction while this lawsuit is taking place.

It seems like a victory for the Minnesota Department of Transportaton, yet it seems like the trail shall still continue.

The company that will be working on the bridge is Flatiron Constructors of Colorado. They say they should finish the bridge by the end of 2008 and it will cost $234 million.