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"Prior Lake supt. quits; fired employee elected to board"

Original article found in the Star Tribune.

Tom Westerhaus has been a superintendent for 20 years. Most recently he has worked as superintendant for the Prior Lake-Savage school area. But at the end of the school year he will be quitting his job. He is very angry about the fact that Chris Lind, a former teacher at the Prior Lake High School, has just been elected to the school board.

In June, Westerhaus found out that Lind was making friends with students and trying to mentor them in their Christian faith. Lind is a strong Christian himself and was only try to encourage other Christians at the school. He had worked at the high school for four years, but it was finally decided that this was bad. So, they fired him.

Lind was elected to the school board on Tueday. It was almost immediately after this that Westerhaus quit saying that he could not work with Lind.

Lind finds it sad that Westerhaus is stepping down because he believes that Westerhaus did a good job as superintendant and Lind never wanted him to leave.