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"British authorities arrest wife of man accused of faking death in insurance scam"

Original Article appeared in the Star Tribune.

In London, there is a couple named John and Anne Darwin. Several years ago, they were in serious debt due to an apartment rental business that was failing. In order to try and fix the problem, John Darwin faked his own death by staging a canoeing accident. The plan worked, at first, and Anne Darwin was given 50,000 dollars in life insurance money.

However, this year, John Darwin got tired of hiding. For a couple of years he had been hiding in his wife's home in a small room behind a closet. For a while they even moved to Panama in order to continue hiding the truth.

But, last week, John Darwin got tired of all the hiding and went back to England. He walked into a police station and tried to fake having had amnesia for the last five years. The police did not believe him and now he is facing insurance fraud as well as lying to get a passport.

Since he was caught by the police, they also went after his wife. So, on Sunday, she was arrested at an airport in Georgia. She is accused of helping her husband with life insurance fraud.